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LifeLines Summer:Fall 2016
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  • Welcome Message: Unite to Cure
  • Philanthropy and Collaboration Driving Cures
  • Sisterly Love
  • The Third International Conference on the Progress of Regenerative Medicine and Its Cultural Impact – Conference Highlights
  • The Power of Cell Therapy
  • Funding Cellular Solutions: Lessons from the Type 1 Diabetes Community
  • Access to Modern Medical Solution in Developing Nations
  • A New Paradigm in Drug Discovery and Development: The Impact of Big Data
  • Humans 2.0
  • Join The Movement



  • Welcome Message: Unite to Cure
  • Clinical Data News
  • Advancing The Cell Therapy Movement
  • The Third International Conference – Mission and Overview
  • The Power of Cell Therapy
  • Cell Therapy Advocates: Inspiring the Next Generation
  • Regulatory Environment For Cell Therapy
  • Join The Movement




  • A Student Ambassador’s Journey – by Angela Chlebowski
  • Adult Stem Cells News Highlights
  • The Science and History of Adult Stem Cells by Dr. Max Gomez
  • Challenges of an Aging World Population by Dr. Ronald A. DePinho
  • Q&A with a Cell Therapy Expert: Dr. Douglas Losordo
  • Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Gary L. Schaer

FALL 2013



  • Healing A Heart – Don Robinson’s Story
  • Donor Spotlight – Betty Yarmon
  • Meet our SFLF Advisors